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The best Bereavement House Clearance Edinburgh has to offer - Coping with loss is hard. Your Junk provides compassionate house clearance services, ensuring respect and efficiency during this sensitive time. Click below for a free quote.

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A respectful clearance in 3 simple steps

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Get your free quote

Get in touch with us regarding your bereavement house clearance needs, and we’ll furnish a clear, no-obligation quote customised to your exact specifications.

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A sensitive approach

Our skilled team takes care of your house clearance needs, treating your property with sensitivity. We make sure every corner of your home is thoroughly taken care of.

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Belongings cleared respectfully

Your loved ones belongings have now been removed respectfully with minimal input needed from you so you.

Deceased house clearance Edinburgh

Why Edinburgh residents choose YourJunk to help them remove their loved ones’ possessions

No mess left behind

Experience a hassle-free clearance with our commitment to leaving no mess behind.

Our meticulous team ensures your property is left immaculate, allowing you to move forward without worry or inconvenience.

Hands-off service

Take a step back and let us handle everything with our hands-off service.

From start to finish, we take care of every aspect of your clearance, allowing you to focus on what matters most while we ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.

Respectful approach

Our team recognises the sensitivity involved and handles your belongings with care and compassion.

Trust us to treat your property and memories with the utmost respect, providing a dignified and thoughtful service.

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Compassionate service

Our professional service delivered with compassion

Your Junk approaches every bereavement clearance with sensitivity and care. Led by Graham, our team understands the emotional challenges involved and provides respectful and supportive service. Trust us to handle the process with compassion and professionalism.

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Fully insured bereavement clearance

Fully Insured for your reassurance

Rest assured during bereavement clearance with Your Junk. Our team is fully insured, ensuring your property is protected throughout the process. Trust us to handle your clearance with care and professionalism, backed by comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Uniformed staff

Uniformed staff for your security

Trust Your Junk's uniformed team for secure bereavement clearance. Led by experienced professionals, they offer respectful and empathetic service. Easily identifiable in smart attire, they handle clearance with care and professionalism, ensuring your peace of mind throughout. Count on us for reliable and compassionate bereavement clearance.

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A word from the owner, Graham Anderson

Hi, I’m Graham, owner of Your Junk.

I want to take this opportunity to make a promise to you.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. I guarantee to address any concerns you might have during the service to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

We also promise Your Junk will dispose of your unwanted waste or junk in a professional, responsible, eco-friendly manner.

Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction.

Best wishes,
Graham Anderson

“Friendly, fast and good value”

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Fantastic service from Graham and team… from the quick response I got after contacting them for a quote to the collection which was within the week. Friendly, fast and good value for the amount of stuff taken. Thank you and highly recommend.

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Catriona Macleod, Edinburgh, Facebook review

The trusted Edinburgh bereavement house clearance company

As the trusted Edinburgh Bereavement house clearance company, Your Junk is renowned for compassionate, dependable service during sensitive times. We partner with local and national organisations, including Edinburgh City Council, West Lothian Council, Edinburgh Trusted Trader, West Lothian Trusted Trader, and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). Our commitment to ethical practices and community collaboration ensures we provide the utmost care and respect in every bereavement house clearance, making us a preferred choice in the region.

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Over 1000+ Edinburgh residents used ‘Your Junk’ to remove and recycle their junk

Here’s what some of them had to say about our remove and recycle services

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For a clutter-free & tidy space with zero-hassle call
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Bereavement Clearance FAQs

Got questions? Check out our FAQs

What exactly is a bereavement clearance?

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A bereavement clearance is a sensitive and respectful service provided by Your Junk to help families clear the property of a loved one who has passed away. This service includes the removal and appropriate disposal of household items, personal belongings, and sometimes, accumulated clutter that the deceased's family wishes to handle.

Graham and his team approach each bereavement clearance with the utmost respect and compassion, understanding the emotional challenges involved in sorting through a loved one's possessions.

The process typically involves working closely with the family or the executor of the estate to identify items to be kept, donated, sold, or disposed of. The team at Your Junk ensures that all items are handled according to the family’s wishes and in a manner that honours the memory of the deceased. Graham often facilitates donations to charity as part of this service, providing a way to extend the legacy of the loved one.

How does Your Junk handle sensitive items and personal documents found during a bereavement clearance?

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During a bereavement clearance, it is not uncommon to come across personal documents, photographs, and other sensitive items that hold significant emotional or financial value. Your Junk has strict protocols in place to deal with such finds.

Any personal documents, legal papers, or items of sentimental value are carefully set aside and brought to the attention of the family or the estate executor. Graham ensures that these items are either returned to the family or handled as instructed by them.

Confidentiality and respect for privacy are paramount throughout the process. The team is trained to handle sensitive items with care and discretion, ensuring they are either securely destroyed if required or handed back to the family.

This careful approach helps families feel assured that their loved one’s possessions are treated with respect and dignity.

How does Your Junk manage the disposal of large or unusual items during a bereavement clearance?

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Handling large or unusual items during a bereavement clearance requires careful planning and specialist equipment, both of which Your Junk is well-equipped to provide.

Graham and his team are experienced in dealing with a variety of challenging items, including large furniture pieces, appliances, and even vehicles that may have been left in garages or driveways. They use appropriate tools and techniques to safely remove these items from the property without causing damage to the premises.

Graham ensures that any large or unusual items are disposed of responsibly. This includes recycling components that can be recycled, such as metals from appliances or wood from furniture, and ensuring that anything that must be disposed of is done so in accordance with local regulations.

For items that are not easily transportable, Graham coordinates with local removal services to handle them appropriately. This meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the clearance is managed efficiently, respectfully, and in an environmentally conscious manner.

Can Your Junk help with the sale of valuable items?

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Your Junk offers assistance with the valuation and sale of valuable items found during a bereavement clearance. Graham has established connections with local antique dealers, auction houses, and other relevant professionals who can appraise items such as furniture, art, and collectibles.

If the family wishes to sell these items, Graham can facilitate the process, ensuring that they receive fair market value.The proceeds from the sale of such items can be a helpful financial support during the often costly process of settling an estate.

Graham and his team handle all aspects of the sales process with transparency and efficiency, keeping the family informed and involved at every step.

What happens to the items that are not sold or kept by the family?

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Items that are not sold or retained by the family during a bereavement clearance are either donated to charity or responsibly disposed of. Your Junk has partnerships with several charitable organisations in Edinburgh that accept furniture, clothing, books, and other household items.

Graham works with the family to identify suitable charities that align with their or the deceased’s values, offering a meaningful way to redistribute items.For items that are not suitable for donation, such as damaged furniture or non-functional electronics, Your Junk ensures environmentally responsible disposal.

Recycling and waste reduction are key components of their service, aiming to minimise the environmental impact of the clearance process.

How long does a bereavement clearance typically take?

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The duration of a bereavement clearance varies depending on the size of the property and the volume of items to be processed. A small flat might only take a day or two, while a larger home filled with a lifetime's accumulation could require a week or more.

Graham schedules a preliminary assessment to provide an accurate estimate of the time required and discusses the schedule with the family to ensure it suits their needs.

The process is planned to be as efficient as possible, without rushing, as Graham understands the emotional nature of sorting through a loved one’s belongings. The team is trained to work respectfully and considerately, balancing efficiency with sensitivity.

Is Your Junk insured for bereavement clearance work?

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Yes, Your Junk is fully insured for all aspects of bereavement clearance work. This insurance covers liability for damage to the property during the clearance process as well as worker’s compensation in case of injuries.

Graham is committed to conducting his business with the highest standards of professionalism and safety, ensuring peace of mind for his clients during the sensitive clearance process.

Having comprehensive insurance is crucial for ensuring that any unforeseen issues are handled promptly and without additional stress to the family. Graham is happy to provide proof of insurance and discuss any specific concerns the family might have regarding the clearance process.

How does Your Junk ensure discretion and privacy during a bereavement clearance?

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Discretion and privacy are fundamental to Your Junk's approach to bereavement clearance. Graham and his team are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of their work and are trained to operate with the utmost respect for the family's privacy.

The vehicles and uniforms used during clearances are unbranded to maintain a low profile, and all conversations and dealings with the family are conducted in confidence.

Additionally, Graham enforces a strict privacy policy that all team members must adhere to, preventing the disclosure of any details about the clearance to outside parties. This policy ensures that the family’s affairs are kept private and that the clearance process does not attract unnecessary attention.

Can Your Junk handle the clearance of very cluttered or hoarded properties?

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Your Junk is experienced in handling clearances for all types of properties, including those that are extremely cluttered or affected by hoarding. These clearances are approached with a deep understanding of the psychological factors that may have contributed to the condition of the property.

Graham and his team are patient and compassionate, working closely with the family or appointed therapists if necessary to ensure the process is handled sensitively.

These clearances can be particularly challenging and time-consuming, but Your Junk has the expertise and resources to manage them effectively. Graham ensures that the clearance is completed in stages if needed, allowing for emotional adjustments and decisions by the family members throughout the process.

What preparation should the family do before a bereavement clearance begins?

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Prior to the start of a bereavement clearance, it is helpful if family members can identify and remove any personal items or documents they wish to keep.

This can significantly streamline the clearance process and prevent any accidental disposal of cherished belongings. Graham often recommends that family members allocate sufficient time to go through personal items and memories, possibly with the support of friends or extended family.

If the family is unable to be on-site, they can provide Graham with detailed instructions or appoint a trusted individual to oversee the process. Clear communication is key to ensuring that all actions taken during the clearance align with the family’s wishes and respect the legacy of the deceased.

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"Graham is fab and goes out of his way to get a job done in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Reasonable prices, community minded and turns up when he says.  Can’t recommend Graham and Your Junk highly enough."

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