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The best Scrap metal collection Edinburgh has to offer - Got scrap metal in need of collection? Your Junk provides premier scrap metal collection services, ensuring your space is tidy and clear. Click the button below and fill out the form to receive your free quote.

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Convenient scrap metal collection in 3 easy steps

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Get your free quote

Contact Your Junk with your scrap metal collection requirements, and we’ll provide a transparent, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific requirements.

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5-star service

Our scrap metal collection service is highly rated for its professionalism and efficiency, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

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And relax!

You can relax and enjoy a brew while we sort and remove your scrap metal so you don’t have to.

Edinburgh scrap metal collection

Why Your Junk is used and loved by Edinburgh residents and businesses alike

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Convenient pickup services

We provide scrap metal pickups across Edinburgh for any project size. Our team handles all lifting and sorting for a hassle-free experience. Schedule your convenient pickup today—no job is too big or too small.

We do the heavy lifting

Our team manages all the heavy lifting for your scrap metal collection, efficiently handling large and cumbersome items so you don’t have to. From collecting old metal fixtures to removing discarded appliances, we make the process easy for you.

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Absolute peace of mind

We adhere to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations and are proud members of Edinburgh’s and West Lothian’s Trusted Trader Schemes, underscoring our commitment to sustainability. By choosing our scrap metal collection service, you contribute to reducing landfill waste and supporting environmentally responsible recycling practices. Trust us to manage your scrap metal with care for the environment.

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Friendly and professional

Professional scrap metal collection by a friendly team

Your Junk's scrap metal collection is handled by our professional and friendly team. We understand the challenge of disposing of scrap metal, so we provide a welcoming and helpful service. Trust us to handle your needs with expertise and a smile. Choose Your Junk for professional and friendly scrap metal collection.

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Fully insured scrap metal collection

Fully insured for your complete reassurance

With Your Junk's scrap metal collection, your peace of mind is guaranteed. We're fully insured, ensuring your property is protected throughout the process. Trust us to handle your scrap metal collection with care and professionalism.

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Uniformed staff

Easily recognisable uniformed staff

Our scrap metal collection team at Your Junk is easily identifiable in uniform. Trust our professional and efficient service for reliable scrap metal collection.

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A word from the owner, Graham Anderson

Hi, I’m Graham, owner of Your Junk.

I want to take this opportunity to make a promise to you.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. I guarantee to address any concerns you might have during the service to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

We also promise Your Junk will dispose of your unwanted waste or junk in a professional, responsible, eco-friendly manner.

Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction.

Best wishes,
Graham Anderson

“Couldn’t recommend highly enough.”

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They came and collected all this scrap metal from an old set of ramps in my back garden. Great service, quick and very helpful. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

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Ryan Neilson, Edinburgh, Facebook review

The trusted Edinburgh scrap metal
collection company

As the trusted Edinburgh scrap metal collection company, Your Junk is renowned for dependable and efficient service. We work with local councils and regulatory bodies like SEPA, and we’re certified by Edinburgh Trusted Trader and West Lothian Trusted Trader. This ensures we adhere to strict environmental standards, making us a leading choice for scrap metal recycling in Edinburgh.

Scrap metal collection Edinburgh reviews

Over 1000+ Edinburgh residents used ‘Your Junk’ to remove and recycle their junk

Here’s what some of them had to say about our remove and recycle services

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For a clutter-free & tidy space with zero-hassle call
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Scrap Metal Collection FAQs

Got questions? Check out our FAQs

What types of scrap metal does Your Junk collect?

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Your Junk collects a wide variety of scrap metals, including both ferrous metals such as iron and steel, and non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminium, brass, and stainless steel.

Graham ensures that his team is well-equipped to handle everything from small household items to large commercial metal waste, including machinery and construction materials.

During the initial consultation, Graham discusses the specifics of what types of scrap metal are to be collected, and he provides guidance on how best to segregate and prepare the metal for collection. This helps streamline the process, ensuring efficient pickup and maximising the recycling potential of the collected materials.

How does Your Junk price scrap metal collections?

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Pricing for scrap metal collection by Your Junk is primarily based on the type and weight of the metal. Market prices for scrap metal can fluctuate, and Graham provides the most current rates to ensure fair pricing.

He uses certified scales to weigh the scrap metal accurately, ensuring that clients receive transparent and straightforward compensation for their metal waste.

For larger collections, such as from commercial sites or construction areas, Graham may offer volume pricing or custom quotes that reflect the logistical complexity of the collection.

He is committed to providing competitive pricing and will discuss all pricing details upfront, ensuring there are no surprises for his clients.

Does Your Junk offer collection services for both residential and commercial clients?

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Yes, Your Junk offers scrap metal collection services to both residential and commercial clients in Edinburgh. Residential services typically involve the collection of old appliances, piping, car parts, and other household metals.

Commercial collections can include larger quantities of metal waste from construction sites, manufacturing processes, and other business activities.

Graham and his team are equipped to handle collections of any size and can schedule regular pickups for commercial clients who regularly produce significant amounts of scrap metal. This flexibility and capability to manage diverse needs make "Your Junk" a preferred provider in the area.

How does Your Junk ensure that scrap metal is recycled properly?

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Your Junk is committed to environmentally responsible recycling practices. Graham works closely with reputable local recycling facilities that comply with all regulatory requirements for metal recycling.

This ensures that all collected scrap metal is processed in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Furthermore, Graham regularly reviews the recycling processes to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of environmental protection and efficiency.

He is proactive about keeping up with advances in recycling technology and practices, ensuring that "Your Junk" contributes positively to the circular economy.

What should customers do to prepare scrap metal for collection?

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Customers are encouraged to segregate their scrap metal by type to facilitate easier processing and increase the value of their scrap.

Graham advises removing any non-metal attachments or contaminants that may be present, such as plastic, glass, or wood, which can interfere with the recycling process.

For larger items or in cases where customers are unable to prepare the metal themselves, Your Junk can provide assistance as part of the collection service. Graham's team is equipped with the tools and expertise needed to help dismantle large items and prepare them properly for recycling.

Can Your Junk provide documentation for scrap metal disposal for compliance purposes?

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Yes, Your Junk provides all necessary documentation for scrap metal disposal, which can be crucial for businesses needing to comply with waste management regulations.

Graham provides detailed receipts and records of the types and quantities of metal collected and recycled.

This documentation is especially important for companies that need to prove compliance with environmental standards or participate in certified waste management programs. Graham ensures that all paperwork is thorough and meets the requirements of local and national regulations.

What makes Your Junk different from other scrap metal collection services in Edinburgh?

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Your Junk stands out due to its commitment to customer service, transparency, and environmental responsibility. Graham personally oversees each collection to ensure high standards are met and that the service is tailored to the specific needs of each client.

His approachable and professional manner has built a strong reputation in the community.Additionally, Graham's commitment to sustainable practices and his proactive approach to recycling innovation make Your Junk a leader in environmentally conscious scrap metal disposal.

Clients choose "Your Junk" not just for competitive pricing and efficient service, but also for the company's ethical and professional standards.

Does Your Junk handle hazardous materials found in scrap metal collections?

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While Your Junk specialises in scrap metal, Graham is knowledgeable about handling metals that may be part of hazardous components, such as lead or mercury found in certain types of equipment.

He ensures that any hazardous materials are identified and handled according to specific health and safety guidelines.For hazardous materials that Your Junk cannot process, Graham will coordinate with specialised services to ensure safe and compliant disposal.

He is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of scrap metal collection and disposal are managed safely, protecting both his clients and the environment.

How quickly can Your Junk respond to scrap metal collection requests?

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Your Junk prides itself on responsive service. Graham understands that timely removal can be crucial, especially in commercial settings where space and safety are priorities.

He typically offers same-day or next-day service for urgent collection needs and schedules regular pickups for ongoing commercial clients.

This responsiveness is a key aspect of the service excellence that Your Junk strives to provide. Graham's ability to quickly mobilise his team and handle collections efficiently is highly valued by his clients, making "Your Junk" a reliable partner for scrap metal disposal.

How can clients arrange for a scrap metal collection with Your Junk?

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Arranging a scrap metal collection with Your Junk is simple and straightforward. Clients can contact Graham directly via phone or email, or they can fill out a contact form on the company's website.

Graham is available to discuss the specific needs of the client, provide an estimate, and schedule a collection time that is convenient.

During the initial contact, Graham will ask a few questions about the type and quantity of scrap metal to ensure that he fully understands the client’s needs and can provide the most efficient service possible. This personalised approach helps ensure that all collections are handled smoothly and that clients receive the best possible service.

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"Graham is fab and goes out of his way to get a job done in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Reasonable prices, community minded and turns up when he says.  Can’t recommend Graham and Your Junk highly enough."

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Adele Higham, Edinburgh, Facebook review

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